Georgiann Howell

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Georgiann Howell has more than 20 years of professional communications, public relations, and public policy experience with Fortune 500 companies and leading trade associations.

Georgiann worked as a senior member for one of Washington, D.C.’s top insurance trade associations. For 13 years, she designed and implemented a world-class advocacy program, the Congressional Contact Program, which brought to Capitol Hill the association’s members from 35 states to meet annually with their members of Congress. Today, it is widely known within the insurance world as the industry’s premier grassroots constituent program. During this time, Georgiann also managed the Association’s Federal Affairs Committee.

Prior to Washington, Georgiann worked for a top Fortune 500 company, the Allstate Insurance Company in Northbrook, Illinois. For more than a decade, her work included media relations, marketing, corporate communications and public relations. Most notable was her corporate sponsorship role in collaboration with the National Civic League to implement the nation’s top grassroots and community problem-solving advocacy program, The All-America City Awards. She also ran the company’s most prestigious corporate sales recognition program on behalf of its top 5 and 10 percent agent producers across the nation.

Georgiann is an expert in grassroots advocacy, coalition-building and external sponsorship programs. She understands what it takes to establish that contact and put a face to an otherwise faceless public policy debate.